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 Artists for upcoming Sims releases

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Artists for upcoming Sims releases Empty
PostSubject: Artists for upcoming Sims releases   Artists for upcoming Sims releases EmptyWed 08 Sep 2010, 11:45 pm

I usually don't listen to the sims music, except maybe the classical station, because it's just not to my taste. But I decided to read the press release on who they were using in the console version and the Late Night EP just in case I happened to recognise a name or two. And I did!

At least two of them are Australian artists:

Jessica Mauboy
John Butler Trio

Jessica is good, I can say that objectively even though I don't like her music, but the trio - man, they rock! I love those guys.

I've got my fingers crossed that they will appear in Late Night (it makes sense given the instruments they play and the instruments that will be in this EP). How cool to hear one of my favourite bands in Simlish!!

EDIT: I just re-read the press release and they're on the console version, bummer, I was excited there for a minute Sad
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Artists for upcoming Sims releases
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